KB WhatsApp

App Name KBWhatsApp
App Version V33
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category KBWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

You may have noticed, dear reader, in the recent period, the spread of many different programs and applications and their modification to the original official WhatsApp application, and among these applications that have spread recently is the KBWhatsApp application, as this application has become the solution to the long needs of application users.

KBWhatsApp talk

Through it, you can find what facilitates the process of communication, especially between you and your family or friends in the world, at any time and anywhere. You can also download and download the KBWhatsApp application on it, very easy. Therefore, through this article, dear reader, we will present to you what KBWhatsApp is, with how to download it and an introduction to it. for this reason; Download and install KBWhatsApp and the most important questions that are asked about it, especially the common ones.


We find that the KBWhatsApp application has many distinct features and features. The app has a beautiful and unique interface that is easy for anyone to use.

Therefore, anyone who wants to deal with and download KBWhatsApp🤩 will find it easy in terms of use.

The app also has several different sections, which include innovations and advancements such as the use of the camera.

This gives you the ability to take a front-facing selfie or a photo with the rear camera.
In addition, KBWhatsApp has a special section for the chats you have had with your friends, if you have them; These messages are from them or received from you and you can find them on the front end of the app.

KBWhatsApp latest version

The ability to see the personal status of each friend that you have among your friends, by clicking on the field.

For your view, there is also a separate section containing the contacts you made on KBWhatsApp.

To see when you made that call or how many times you made that call whether those are calls made by you or someone else.

How you can do this by clicking on the KBWhatsApp logo below; You choose the person you chat with by voice.

History of KBWhatsApp

For the people who use KBWhatsApp, they consider it as unique and unique app; That is why it is popular with millions of downloads from the store or through browser sites.

The KBWhatsApp application is a social negotiation application that was created or invented by a professional programmer who created the application. The purpose of creating the WhatsApp application was to communicate with family or friends with great additions. for this reason; Download KBWhatsApp🤩 online instead of downloading call list or text message list every time.

KBWhatsApp is spreading step by step in the community whether with chats with friends at university or in the neighborhood because of the ease of use of KBWhatsApp as a social program of course.

It has spread widely in society until it has become a common way of communication between people.

    KBWhatsApp download for free

    KBWhatsApp looks like the official green WhatsApp app, which has a mobile device icon for making calls; But it differs that there is no cost to contact people because it is a free app.

    After several months and years, the programmers and developers of WhatsApp began to modify the structure and framework of interaction in the purpose of the version, so they developed several versions and modified them in proportion to the user's freedom over them and the movement of the application.

    The latest version of KBWhatsApp🥰 allows you to hide your last viewed and also notifications; Prevent deletion of messages and activate auto-reply with a pre-selected letter if you are not available at this moment.

    freeze last seen via KBWhatsApp; Also, prevent transfers in text messages transmitted from or to you.

    The communication through the KBWhatsApp application is determined very accurately.

    It also has a very important option, which is to read the correspondence sent to you by others.

      Information about the KBWhatsApp application:-

      🔅 Program name: KBWhatsApp.
      🔅 Operating System: KBDROID.
      🔅License: Free.
      🔅 Size: Suitable for 61 MB.
      🔅Version: - 33.

      Download KB WhatsApp Blue

      About KBWhatsApp? What is KBWhatsApp APK update?

      The KBWhatsApp application is one of the modified versions against the ban of the application, in which there is no error or defect during use or even processing or in downloading and downloading WhatsApp itself, and the KBWhatsApp application was designed and updated by experts and developers in a very large way. for this reason; KBWhatsApp is updated, to provide patches on apps in old versions, KBWhatsApp has many different features for users.

      KBWhatsApp apk download latest version

      The number of people who have downloaded the KBWhatsApp application has reached about five million people in the world, in all its different versions, which indicates that the current version of the KBWhatsApp application has won the satisfaction of many.

      People who have downloaded the application and used KBWhatsApp 😍Some people may have used the application KBWhatsApp in the reviews of the application or indicated that there are some problems that they may encounter.

      But with the update, these problems will end quickly, both in terms of addressing the negatives that faced the use of the KBWhatsApp application.

      KBWhatsApp update introduces advanced settings that add and provide to enjoy the application. KBWhatsApp-apk Download the latest version, which provides you in its new version to enjoy the features it added knowing that the old version must be deleted; KBWhatsApp has no problem with the modern version.

      Download KBWhatsApp apk, download the latest version

      Among the features that you will find in the KBWhatsApp application is that you will be able to play the Noble Qur’an with the voice of different reciters or according to the reciter you prefer, with the possibility of activating the call to prayer according to the local time of the place where you live, and many other things.

      KBWhatsApp🥰 provides you with the ability to activate the flight mode of the application itself, and this means that you have the ability to stop all network or Wi-Fi connections to prevent any message that will reach there. by other people through KBWhatsApp.

      KBWhatsApp is in the latest version

      Organize programming in the interface for privacy options or even for the privacy menu, which includes several options, including hiding the last time you logged into the WhatsApp application, as well as the ability to hide the status or even the blue tick.

      KBWhatsApp update, to let the other person know that you have received and read the message or not, while the new that you will find in the latest update of the KBWhatsApp application includes the following:

      Download KBWhatsApp

      One great addition is that it translates text messages the other party sends you; Even if this person does not have the ability to speak your native Arabic language.

      So the application allows you to interpret messages to enjoy fast communication with you so that you can talk and chat with anyone in the world.

      There are many new features in the KBWhatsApp🤩 application, including that when you receive a message from the other person who is talking to you, hide the two signs in the application; So that person does not know whether you have spoken to them or not.

      KBWhatsApp application

      The ability to keep in touch with friends or even any family member or business associates who want to send a message, or read the message to any contact and talk without knowing: or the other person having some information about it.

      The person on the other side through the WhatsApp application will not be able to know. Did you see or read the message that I sent you or not, because the blue tick has disappeared. If you are trying to avoid someone by chatting in the KBWhatsApp application, you have to activate the item to hide the blue tick, which gives you the ability to have a look; And look at the letter sent to you if you're interested in reading it.

      KBWhatsApp allows you to translate simultaneously without the need to go to any other application or website to translate the written text, whether you are talking to any organization, whether it is a government organization. or an NGO, the app translates the typed text for you. for this reason; KBWhatsApp😍 allows you to communicate in an easy, fast and efficient way.

      The KBWhatsApp application allows you to easily respond to any text in any language, as the simultaneous translation supported by the application is not only from Arabic into English or vice versa, but it supports many languages where the application is capable of. for this reason; KBWhatsApp which translates nearly twenty three different languages.

        Features recently added to the KBWhatsApp application:

        🔰 The version of KBWhatsApp has been extended to five months from the date this version was published.

        🔰 Through the KBWhatsApp application, you can activate the dark night mode.

        🔰 Through the KBWhatsApp🥰 application, you can add the choice to the transparent mode.

        🔰 Roxy vpn proxy has been added to KBWhatsApp.

        🔰 Through the KBWhatsApp application, you can add the option to access as quickly as possible conversations or chats that allow you to access any chat without having to go to the main interface in the application.

        🔰 In the KBWhatsApp application, the ability and ability to send many messages at once has been added, which is called the explosive text selection.

        🔰 KBWhatsApp in its new version decorates and distinguishes the sent text.

        🔰 With KBWhatsApp😍, you can choose your favorite text or emoji.

        🔰 The KBWhatsApp application allows you to choose to activate and activate situations, as in other social communication applications, such as the Instagram application.
        You can, through the KBWhatsApp🥰 application, add new shapes of symbols.

        🔰 KBWhatsApp is distinguished by adding effects while you are chatting or having a conversation with other people from top to bottom.

          KBWhatsApp update

          🌐 KBWhatsApp reactivates the creator and shows you who created the groups.

          🌐 Through the KBWhatsApp application, you can view the conversations or messages of any member of the group, each one separately.

          🌐 Through the KBWhatsApp application, you can add the feature of creating schedules for new messages.

          🌐KBWhatsApp allows you to activate so that you can choose who you can add and put in the group you created.

          🌐 KBWhatsApp allows you to pause the word in each message sent to you to read more in long messages in conversations or chats with others.

          🌐 KBWhatsApp😍 is distinguished by adding the auto-reply feature.

          🌐 The KBWhatsApp application allows you to add and prevent scrolling during a conversation, set a status, or make any call, whether it is a voice call or a video call, like a video, by swiping from right to left.

          🌐You have more options in KBWhatsApp to clean cache and it also allows you to add a new function to delete and delete any contact you make by conversation or chat if you swipe from the right and left sides. also.

          🌐With KBWhatsApp you can delete messages from other people with whom you recently had a conversation, even if this message has been there for a long time.🌐 KBWhatsApp adds you the ability to control more functions that control color, which accelerates the improvement of the application and the speed of its performance.

          🌐 To download KBWhatsApp you need to have enough storage space on your phone.

          🌐 You can download the KBWhatsApp application without facing any problems or obstacles while downloading it.

          Download KBWhatsApp Black

          KBWhatsApp latest version

          💠You have to make sure that your phone is well connected to a fast internet or Wi-Fi network to quickly download KBWhatsApp.

          💠 The main Google Chrome browser allows you to download the KBWhatsApp application.
          KBWhatsApp allows you, by adjusting the settings, to send any message to any group or specific people.

          💠 Through the KBWhatsApp😍 application, it allows you to completely change the main basic interface of the application.

          💠You can increase the duration of displaying the status on the KBWhatsApp application to more than 30 seconds, unlike what is found in the official traditional green WhatsApp application.

          💠KBWhatsApp does not require any fees to download it to your mobile phone, or any money you pay to make a call, whether it is a voice call or a video call; KBWhatsApp is a free app.

          💠 KBWhatsApp is available on all mobile phones that support the Android system.

          💠You can download the KBWhatsApp application and download it to your mobile phone very quickly and easily.

            KBWhatsApp Settings

            To download and install the KBWhatsApp application on your mobile phone, you must do the correct and necessary steps in the settings to take advantage of the capabilities; The advantages of KBWhatsApp include the following

            🌐Privacy at KBWhatsApp:-

            You can set KBWhatsApp through the privacy setting of the app and select the people you want to chat or contact with.

            KBWhatsApp gives you the opportunity to control whether it hides your visible visibility that tells others about when you logged into KBWhatsApp and the last time you logged in.

            You can listen via KBWhatsApp😍 to enjoy listening to audio clips.

            With KBWhatsApp you can set a password for your WhatsApp and account or through your fingerprint.

            Through Watts, you can hide the word that indicates that you are writing at the present time, or the word that indicates that you are recording a clip or an audio message now.

            🌐KBWhatsApp Themes:-

            KBWhatsApp gives you the ability to change the look of WhatsApp through the themes available to you through the app.

            The theme that you want to download on KBWhatsApp comes to you, since you like this current theme, so you can put it on your phone.

            🌐More settings in KBWhatsApp:-

            KBWhatsApp allows you to change the appearance of WhatsApp from the inside; Such as changing the shape and color of the chat screen, or changing the interface of the main screen.

            KBWhatsApp allows you to hide media that has been sent to you by adjusting the settings in your phone's gallery.

            KBWhatsApp allows you to activate the backup of your personal account through the settings.

            🌐KBWhatsApp Home Screen:-

            Through KBWhatsApp, you can make many adjustments, including screen colors.
            In order not to get bored while chatting, such as the bar at the top of the conversation or the bar at the bottom of the screen.
            Through KBWhatsApp you can set the font size for the screen during the conversation.

            KBWhatsApp allows you to set the look of the platform in the background during the chat room when you are talking with family members or any of your friends.

            You can set your personal photo as the chat background. Through KBWhatsApp you can put a picture of the person you are talking to.

            🌐KBWhatsApp Notifications:-

            Through KBWhatsApp you can select the notifications you want to receive.

            Through the KBWhatsApp 🤩application, you can change the background color of notifications to reach you.

            🌐KBWhatsApp Updates:

            Through KBWhatsApp you can update WhatsApp.

            KBWhatsApp allows you to update to the latest version in any easy and fast way.

            🌐Create an account on KBWhatsApp:-

            You can through KBWhatsApp through the settings to be able to change your WhatsApp number.

            KBWhatsApp You can perform two-step verification to save the information and data of the account.

            Through KBWhatsApp you can delete the private account through the application.

            🌐 Special KBWhatsApp Interface:-

            The private interface of KBWhatsApp inside contains four sections divided into “Chat, Groups, Statuses and Calls”, and we will explain each section in detail below.


            In KBWhatsApp you will find all the conversations you have had.

            You will find through KBWhatsApp at the bottom of the main screen a floating button; Through it you will choose the contacts of the people you want to chat with.

            Through the floating button in KBWhatsApp you have the opportunity. In order to choose the contact you want to chat with.

            through the button at the top of the screen in KBWhatsApp; You will find both the button that activates the dark mode, and next to this button you will find the activation of the flight mode.


            In the section about groups via KBWhatsApp you will find all the groups that you have; to join them or groups you've created.


            Through the contact section of KBWhatsApp you will find all the calls you have made and the calls you have received or missed calls. Where you will find voice calls or video calls.


            Find through KBWhatsApp the statuses you posted from existing contacts; It disappeared after about twenty-four hours.

            You can find through KBWhatsApp in the above status; Because you can click on it to post that status, if it is a status for a photo, or a status for a video.

            KBWhatsApp allows you to tap the bottom of the screen with a marker, like a pen, that you can tap to write a text status of about 300 words; So, unless it is available on the original green official WhatsApp.

            You can post any photo or video in KBWhatsApp status on WhatsApp. With the camera icon at the bottom of the pen label.

            How to download KBWhatsApp for free latest version?

            To be able to download KBWhatsApp, you will find several sites where you can download and install the application on your mobile device

            So you should first choose the sites you trust the most to avoid clicking on every fake link in front of you, so you find your phone full of viruses. for this reason; Download KBWhatsApp, so choose the most secure and reliable site to avoid any problems while downloading or during use.

            You can also read the terms and conditions that you have to accept before installing and downloading KBWhatsApp that users post, and to carry out the download and installation process on your mobile phone, you will find the pages that work. for this reason; Download KBWhatsApp.

            Download KBWhatsApp for free

            We will explain to you the most important steps that you must follow to download and install KBWhatsApp on your phone.

            🔰The first step:-

            First you have to access your favorite website or browser to download KBWhatsApp.

            🔰The second step:-

            Click on the word containing the phrase "Download KBWhatsApp".

            🔰Third Step:-

            You have to wait a bit for KBWhatsApp to load.

            🔰 Fourth step:-

            After the KBWhatsApp download is complete, you need to go to the files on your phone; phone to install KBWhatsApp.

            🔰 Step five:

            After you go to the files, you will find KBWhatsApp in the downloads section of the files.

            🔰 Step Six:

            Click on the word that says Install and you have to wait for a while until the entire KBWhatsApp installation process is finished.

            How to use KBWhatsApp after downloading and installing it on a mobile phone:-

            How to use KBWhatsApp after downloading and installing it on the phone:

            After downloading KBWhatsApp🤗 on your mobile in an easy way:
            After following the previous steps

            🔆 You must click on the word Open or Open.

            🔆You will be shown by the KBWhatsApp Terms and Conditions for using the application.

            🔆All you have to do after that is to accept the privacy policy and terms of the app you are making.

            🔆 Then press OK, then Continue.

            🔆Enter your personal phone number for the phone in KBWhatsApp; And do not forget to enter the correct number with the code for the country in which you live.

            KBWhatsApp latest version

            Click on the word to complete the KBWhatsApp login process; You will receive a text message containing a verification code or code to your mobile phone.

            Copy this number and put it in KBWhatsApp to activate the application.

            You can check the mobile number on KBWhatsApp; Adding your personal name, information, data, and personal photo.

            It is preferable that the information and data that you put in order to create an account in KBWhatsApp be correct and express your true personality, and there is no need for it to be false data, because if the data and information that you put in the application account, the application and the account will be closed.

            Likewise, that you have created on the basis that you have violated the integrity of the Application and impersonated another person, this is fraud and a violation of the terms and conditions of the Application.

            After creating an account on KBWhatsApp; You can enter and enjoy the features in the application and the wonderful features in its new version.

              Frequently asked questions about KBWhatsApp

              🌐KBWhatsApp is legal?

              Yes, KBWhatsApp is a legal app, as it is considered a modified version of the original one. From the original unofficial green WhatsApp.

              🌐KBWhatsApp is a safe app to use?

              KBWhatsApp is definitely safe to use, as the developers and programmers have put in place a high protection system; So that users can use it in a safe and wonderful way.

              🌐KBWhatsApp contains ads?

              In the new version of KBWhatsApp, you will not find ads while chatting or chatting; It is also annoying for some people who use KBWhatsApp.

              🌐How do I create my own account on KBWhatsApp?

              You will follow several steps to create an account on KBWhatsApp

              in the right way ; To be able to write to whomever family member or friend you want, the command is as follows:

              💠 First you have to go to the home screen of your phone, where you will find KBWhatsApp.

              💠KBWhatsApp asks you to allow access to your multimedia such as photos, make calls or enter your contact list on the phone; In order to automatically transfer to the site in order to communicate with them.

              💠 You will be taken to the screen where there are three options, which are as follows: “App Permissions, Restore, Accept and Continue”.

              💠You have to choose the word restore which is in KBWhatsApp
              Choose the word of approval and continue with KBWhatsApp. Where you will be asked to enter your personal number on the phone.

              💠Enter the phone number in KBWhatsApp and click on the word Next where it will send you a 6-digit message containing the verification code. All you have to do is enter this number or code in the field provided for it.

              💠 After entering the code in KBWhatsApp, you will now be asked to enter some information and data such as your personal name and more

              What are the advantages of downloading and downloading the latest version of KBWhatsApp?

              🔰 Through KBWhatsApp you can get complete Quran on the app. With the activation of Muslim remembrances for the morning and evening, Fortress of the Muslims, and many other memories without an active internet.

              🔰 Through KBWhatsApp you can block any member of any group. From changing the group picture or name without your knowledge or even your desire to change.

              🔰 KBWhatsApp supports downloading cool stickers and funny stickers from Google Play Store.

              🔰 KBWhatsApp contains many animated effects. With the addition of new beautiful skins and functions in KBWhatsApp.

              🔰KBWhatsApp is a free application that does not require fees or cash payments to be able to create an account with it.

              🔰 Make a voice call or a video call, whether this call is local in the country you live in or international from any country abroad.

              KBWhatsApp Download WhatsApp latest version

              💠 You can share your location with your friends via KBWhatsApp; Without WhatsApp hacking your geographical location.

              💠KBWhatsApp gives you many filters that you will love and use to edit your photo before sending it; to anyone you want, be it a family member or friend.

              💠KBWhatsApp lets you choose the people you want to contact; Or receive any call from them, keeping in mind that you will not be able to receive any call from anyone other than them.

              💠KBWhatsApp does not take up much space on the phone; Knowing that the space you only need from your phone does not exceed 36MB.

              💠With KBWhatsApp you can pin about 30 chats. This is what you will not find in WhatsApp, which only allows you to pin about 3 conversations.

              💠With KBWhatsApp you can make individual or group video calls with the best possible quality.

              💠KBWhatsApp has an interface that you can use with ease, it handles. for this reason; KBWhatsApp, smooth and simple.

              💠One of the most important functions that you will find in KBWhatsApp🤗 is that you can easily and quickly receive the message or even send it.

              💠KBWhatsApp allows you to select the quality of the video that you will send to the person; On the other hand or the photo even before it is sent.

              💠 KBWhatsApp provides you with a great feature that activates dark mode, which gives you the opportunity to make KBWhatsApp black.

              💠KBWhatsApp allows you to change its colors through WhatsApp settings.

              💠KBWhatsApp lets you control the appearance of the WhatsApp home screen; Whether you want to change the colors or the font size you want to read or write by changing the screen size.

              💠KBWhatsApp also allows you to write a status of about 300 characters; This is not available in the original traditional official version of WhatsApp, which only allows 139 characters.

              💠You can open more than one account in KBWhatsApp in the same application, and you can also enter another number for the account; At the same time, no need to download another file.

              💠KBWhatsApp allows you to change the look of the app icon.

              Is KBWhatsApp easy to upload and download?

              Yes, you can certainly download and download KBWhatsApp with ease, like other applications specialized in chats and conversations. All you have to do is follow the steps at the top of the article properly.

              ➰Is it possible to download KBWhatsApp on mobile phones that support the iPhone system?

              Unfortunately not, as no version of the KBWhatsApp application has been developed to mirror mobile devices to iPhone; Instead, you can only use it on Android supported phones.

              ➰Can I download KBWhatsApp on my computer?

              Of course, you can download KBWhatsApp in the special version to download it to the computer after downloading it from a computer on the web, and do not forget to delete and scan the special code. Green official WhatsApp, on computer.

              ➰Can I register more than one number in KBWhatsApp?

              Of course, yes, you can register the first number in KBWhatsApp🤗 and the other. As a second copy in WhatsApp the original version.

              ➰Does KBWhatsApp support stickers?

              Of course, yes, KBWhatsApp supports stickers, which makes it a special application, as the feature has recently spread in messages to family members or friends, and an enjoyable conversation and chat takes place between you. To send and receive existing stickers, use the stickers in KBWhatsApp; Easy and smooth in terms of use, reception speed and transmission speed.

              ➰Can I find a specific direct link to download KBWhatsApp?

              Most of the time yes KBWhatsApp puts a direct link to download and install it on your mobile phone

              KB WhatsApp Blue Download

              KB WhatsApp Black Download

              KB WhatsApp RED Download

              KB WhatsApp Gold Download

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